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Do you need?

  • Printed Circuit Board Design
  • Engineering Services help (documentation, release procedures, part numbers, standards, etc)
  • Electronic Design Automation Software consulting / training / administration
  • Database Design
  • Electronic Product Design (actual design as well as process consulting)

Do you think you have your Printed Circuit Board Design needs handled?

If you answered YES to any of the above I may be able to help.  Welcome to the professional web presence of David B. DeFebo aka Brainstorms unLtd.  For over 30 years Brainstorms has been associated with me and some of my friends/associates. Brainstorms unLtd is the company that was formed in 1973 while we were attending the Milwaukee School Of Engineering. Over the years Brainstorms has dipped its toes in a variety of waters in an attempt to make some money. There have also been a number of people involved in Brainstorms. In fact the Brainstorms unLtd (un-limited, and yes, the non-standard capitalization was used many years before overpaid geek wanna-bees made it trendy in the late 90's) name was coined by a fellow student. Since my being removed from day-to-day employment at Eaton Corp R&D in 2001, it functions as an engineering consulting company specializing in Printed Circuit board design, engineering services management, engineering software deployment and use, engineering department computer operations, and with some associates, general electronic product design.   Products I have been involved in the design of have earned numerous design awards and set sales records.  I can bring that experience to your organization.  I can bring others who are expert in their fields to your project.  I can be difficult to work with as I follow the business paradigm of common sense.  When we work for you, it may not be obvious, but in return for your money we work to help your company succeed.  That is our priority.  Give us a try, you will not be disappointed!


What information can be found here?

  • Personal employment info on Dave.  I am always open to discussing real employment with serious companies.  I bring a lot of experience with growing companies to companies interested in growing their business.  I also have a lot of contacts in the engineering world, including other people available for permanent or contract work. (updated 9/24/16)
  • Info on Brainstorms/Dave - the world of consulting and contracting.  Between myself and my associates, our hands and brains have been involved in a lot of great product designs for a number of great companies.  Let us help you bring your product ideas to production.  Maybe you just need a PCB layout from your schematic.  Maybe you are interested in streamlining your engineering department especially when it comes to drawings, documentation, PCB layouts, component information/tracking/BOM generation and maintenance, etc.  (updated 2/7/16)
  • Maybe you are interested in complete product design, electrical and mechanical/packaging.  I can either directly help or bring in other well qualified people to help in that process through the Midwest Design Network.  (updated 5/31/12)


I also have a web presence dealing with some of my personal interests including Amateur Radio (I am WB9BWP), music, and my general comments on the world around us.  If any of that interests you go here - http://www.wb9bwp.com







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